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Established in 2002,Rich Chemical is currently the biggest leading manufacturer of epoxy hardeners in China. We are a diversified enterprise devoted to R&D and production of high quality products with an emphasis on after sales service.


Utilizing the latest technologies and strict quality assurance system, Rich Chemical has two production bases and a researching center, mainly specialized in the production of eoxy hardeners for construction,heavy-duty coatings,composites,building structural adhesives,electrical and mechanical equipements, ceramics and more.


Aside from offering our elaborate line of hardeners, our experienced team can also assist with customer solutions.



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Development Plan

We plan to establish 3-5 sales branches in china mainland in 2012~2015


We are going to update the current production base in guangzhou to be the R&D center of amines products in 2013~2014


We have purchased 66667 M2 industrial land as the main production base at Lingang Industrial Area,Songzi,Hubei province in June,2012 and It is expected to put into production in the first half of 2014 with 1st phase of 12000mt/y production volume.

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